Cobalt's General Contracting services are unparalleled

Defined by our "Best in Class" standard the Cobalt team puts the project goals above all else and strive to meet our client's needs, whatever they may be. Our repeat business and multi-generational track record are a testament to our claim.

Great Leadership

Our greatest asset as a general contractor is our human capital. Every Cobalt project gets indepth involvement from our team starting with our executive leadship, meaning our clients can tap into numerous years of construction experience and know-how. 

Our Leaders focus on collaboration, making sure everyone on the project is working towards the same end and ensuring the project's success.

Centralized Purchasing

Throughout their years of operating in the construction industry, Cobalt’s Purchasing department has developed a network of pre-qualified and highly capable subcontractors. Our long term relationships with our subs mean we receive honest and favorable pricing, and the confidence that our subs will produce a final product that often exceeds owner’s expectations.

Our subcontractor confidence not only comes from our experiences with them, but also our extensive evaluation process that we use to scrutinize every bid, ensuring accurate and low pricing for all of our projects. Bids are reviewed multiple times, ensuring they meet Cobalt’s scope of work checklist. Throughout the bidding process, we share information with our subs and clients, leveraging technology to pass plans and other project information quickly, minimizing delays.

General Contracting Services:

  • Cost monitoring and control
  • Schedule development and control
  • Product selection recommendations
  • Subcontractor buyout and management
  • Coordination of technical inspections and testing
  • Field engineering and site management
  • Materials management
  • Safety assurances
  • Project accounting
  • Submittal reviews and material tracking
  • Quality control
  • Communications/Meetings
  • As-built drawings
  • Close-out and warranty