ShorWall Underground Structures

ShorWall Explained

There are many limitations and inefficiencies associated with conventional earth shoring systems and the construction of permanent subterranean structures. Cobalt has developed the Silo ShorWall system in response to these limits, in which the wasted temporary earth steps, or shoring, are eliminated. Silo ShorWall utilizes curved precast concrete panel segments that are installed to form a complete ring. Each ring becomes a permanent structural wall and earth support system, ready for the excavation of the next lift of soil and placement of the following segments. ShorWall’s design features offer major advantages over conventional methods, including:

  • top-down construction sequence,
  • self-shoring during excavation,
  • pre-waterproofed, segmentally installed walls.

Shorwall saves time and money all while increasing efficiency and maintaining a sustainable design.

ShorWall (SLS) underground system applications:

  • Commercial or residential parking
  • Storage facilities including cold foods, wine and other beverages
  • Subgrade commercial development
  • Industrial manufacturing or process space
  • Transportation hubs
  • Municipal/Governmental Projects including water treatment
  • Oil/Gas projects